Highway Superintendent – Clay Copeland

Highway Administrator – John Gross

County Road Maintenance can by contacted by calling the Road and Bridge department, Phone (573) 454-2441 or by coming to our Road Dept located at 1640 East Woodlawn, Farmington, Missouri.

Saint Francois County has 410 miles of roadway. There are 73 Box Culverts located in district 1 and 145 Box Culverts located in district 2 for a total of 218 Box Culverts that span 19 feet or less. The State of Missouri inspects 74 bridges in our county.

Contact Information

1640 East Woodlawn
Farmington, MO 63640



Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Valley Forge Road Closure

April 5th, 2021|

Valley Forge Road (approximately 1 mile north of 32) will be closed for minor bridge repairs beginning April 5, 2021.  The department is anticipating a 3 day closure.

Clay Copeland

Clay is a lifelong resident of St. Francois County. He was born and raised in Elvins (Park Hills), the son of Les and Shirley Copeland. A father of 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 4 grandchildren, Clay now resides in Desloge with his wife, Sandy and youngest son Les. Regardless of his place of residence, he will always consider himself an Elvins boy.

Clay is a local graduate of Park Hills Central R-3 High School (1982), Mineral Area College (AS), and Southeast Missouri State University (BS). He is currently enrolled in and participating in the Engineering Program at Mineral Area College.

Clay has been an employee of St. Francois County Road and Bridge for over 24 years. He started out on the bottom, performing the menial labor tasks required of all new employees. Through the years he has served the Road and Bridge Department by working at nearly every position and accomplishing nearly every task required of the department. Because of this, he feels proud to have earned the privilege to now be the Superintendent.

Clay feels humbled that the County Commission places their confidence in him to entrust him to oversee the Road and Bridge infrastructure, as well as the Road and Bridge employees. He takes his job very seriously and strives to provide the county with a frugal, practical, and transparent organization.

He is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and welcomes contact from the public or public safety systems anytime.

John Gross

John is a resident of Farmington, MO and was born and raised here. He is a 2000 graduate of Farmington Senior High School and is currently in the Engineering Program at Mineral Area College. He is married with one son. John has been employed with St. Francois County Road and Bridge for 6 years.
Before coming to work for St. Francois County he was employed for the City of Farmington as a water and sewer specialist. His past work experiences, he feels, will help the County be a more efficient and productive municipality. As the Highway Administrator, he looks forward to being a good steward the taxpayers money to provide them with the necessary upgrades throughout the county.

Road District Quantity
Babiak 2 1
Bright Stone 1 1
Brune 1 1
Burton Subdivision 1 1
Castor River 1 1
Cedar Run 2 1
Cold Water 1 2
College 1 1
Colony Church 1 1
Crossman 2 2
Germania 2 1
Halter 2 1
Hampton 1 1
Hillsboro 2 2
Hilltop 2 2
Jarvis 2 1
Koester Springs 2 1
Korber 1 1
Lake Avalon 2 1
Laws 1 1
Lewis 1 3
Madison 1 1
Marvin Chapel 2 1
Miller 1 1
Mostiller 2 1
Old Fredericktown 1 1
Old Jackson 1 3
Old St. Louis 2 4
Possum Hallow 1 2
Primerose 2 2
Raby 1 1
Radford 2 1
Randolph 1 2
Rouggly 2 1
Saffell 2 2
Thomas 1 1
Tillman 1 1
Turkey Creek 2 2
Valley Forge 1 1
Var Vare 1 1
West 1 1
West Over 2 2

The oldest standing bridge of Saint Francois County was built in 1924.

Road Crossing Location Limit
Old Cadet Three Hill County 12 tons
Aulsberry Chapel Bouyer Creek County 16 tons
Hillsboro Terre Blue County 15 tons
Davis Crossing Flat River County 15 tons
Pimville Harris Branch Park Hills 12 tons
Colony Church Taylor Branch County 10 tons
Commerce Drive Koen Creek Park Hills 4 tons
Old Jackson Branch of St. Francis County 6 tons
Old Jackson Branch of St. Francis County 15 tons
Gallatin Drive Indian Creek Iron Mt. Lake 3 tons
Pendelton Branch of St. Francis County 12 tons
East Street Trib. Of Big River Leadwood 12 tons
Vo-Tech Big River County 5 tons
Old Hwy 8 Hayden Creek County 18 tons
Kings Branch of Flat River County 8 tons