Assistant Prosecutors

Chip Hirth IIIAssistant Prosecuting Attorney
Charles “Chip” Hirth began working for our office in January 2020. Chip came to us from the Public Defender’s Office in Jefferson County and is a graduate of the Thomas Cooley School of Law at the University of Michigan. Chip brings with him more than a decade of criminal law experience. Chip is assigned a large caseload that includes mid-level felonies and sexual offenses.
Jereme ReyesAssistant Prosecuting Attorney
Jereme started with our office in February 2020. He is originally from Wright City, MO and attended law school at Western Michigan University in Lansing, Michigan. He has seven years experience in the legal field and was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 2019. Jereme is assigned low level felonies and a misdemeanor caseload.
Linda FreemanAssistant Prosecuting Attorney

Child Support

Christi MoyersLegal Secretary

Support Staff

Kelsea HulseyVictim Advocate
Kelsea began working for our office in April of 2019 as Victim Advocate.  She holds a Bachelors in Communications from Lindenwood University, and previously worked for a private law firm for five years prior to joining our office. Kelsea is tasked with handling all mandatory victim notification cases such as violent crimes, sexual assault cases and domestic violence cases. Kelsea is here to offer information, comfort and understanding for victims of crime and guide them through the criminal justice system. She keeps victims informed of what is happening with their cases, refers them to services as needed such as counseling or financial assistance, assists in obtaining restitution or reimbursement from the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund, and being the primary point of contact for our office for victims to obtain information.

Rachael ThomasVictim Advocate
Rachael began with our office in October 2019. She serves as our misdemeanor and property crime victim advocate. She also offers assistance with restitution to victims.

Ryan MillerInvestigator
Ryan began working at our office in January of 2019. He brings with him 9 years of experience in law enforcement, having previously worked at the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office and the Farmington Police Department. Ryan’s responsibilities include locating victims and witnesses, assisting local law enforcement in obtaining investigative subpoenas, and follow-up investigations as needed on cases submitted to our office for prosecution. Ryan represents our office in the Mineral Area Crisis Intervention Council. He also serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator for Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) in our office.
Brittany EarleyOffice Manager
Brittany began with the prosecutor’s office in July 2011. Brittany handles many administrative duties in the office in addition to assisting with training and managing other legal secretaries. Brittany is also one of our MULES operators.
Karla RobertsLegal Secretary
Karla began working in our office in January 2019 and brings with her over a decade of experience in the public sector. She is also one of our MULES operators.
Jessica BartonLegal Secretary
Jessica started working with our office in February 2020. She previously worked for the county in the Collector’s Office before transferring to us as a receptionist. She now works as a legal secretary.
Elisha SmithLegal Secretary
Elisha began with our office in September 2019. She has prior experience as a legal secretary in the private sector. In addition to her clerical duties as a legal secretary, Elisha is assigned as Traffic Clerk and handles all non-felony traffic citations and cases in our office.
Shelby BelknapLegal Secretary
Shelby began working for our office in January of 2020.
Angela DenmanFile Clerk
Angela began working for the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in 2000. She serves as our file clerk and assists in closing old files, retrieving old records, monitoring probation cases, and other filings on CaseNet.