Melissa Gilliam – Prosecuting Attorney

St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney Melissa GilliamThe St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for the enforcement of state law in St. Francois County. The office consists of attorneys, an investigator, and a bad check unit all supported with clerical staff.

1 North Washington Street
Courthouse Building
Suite 101
Farmington, Missouri 63640



Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

What does the Prosecuting Attorney do?

We examine investigations referred to us by the police.  If we believe the case has merit, the defendant is charged with a crime, which we prosecute.  Our job is to present the case to the court and the jury after the police have investigated.

Speaking of Investigations…what do you investigate?

This office does not investigate crime.  We are a separate office from any police or sheriff’s department.  We can assist the police, but we are not the police.  If you believe a crime has occurred in St. Francois County, you must call your local police department or Central Dispatch at 573-431-3131.

I have information on a criminal case that I want to provide.  Can I call you?

No.  People with information that is pertinent to a pending criminal case should call the investigating law enforcement agency to provide an official statement.  The agency taking the statement will then forward it to us for the case.

I was arrested.  Can you talk to me about the case?

No.  If a defendant is charged with a crime by our office, we cannot ethically communicate with them about the case.  We can only communicate through a defendant’s attorney or in open court.

Charges were filed and I want information.  Can you tell me what I want to know?

Unless you are a victim in a case, there is very little information we are able to disseminate regarding active cases.  Information outside of what is publicly available in charging documents and court filings will not be released.

How do I obtain restitution?

Sometimes, victims of crime will be entitled to restitution.  Usually, this is a condition of a plea bargain or a sentence pronounced by a judge.  The restitution must be paid by the defendant to the victim in the case.  Restitution is handled through our office by signed money order only.  Any improperly addressed or unsigned money orders will be returned.

I incurred expenses as a result of a crime.  Can you help?

In some cases (mostly crimes against persons, not property crimes) certain expenses are eligible for reimbursement separate from restitution.  Your cooperation with law enforcement is essential to qualify.  Each case is different and there are certain eligibility conditions, but if you are a crime victim and have suffered expenses directly related to a non-property crime against you, call our Victim Advocate Kelsea Hulsey for more information.

I need to know if something is against the law.  Who do I call?

If you are looking for advice on what is an is not legal, you should call your local police department.  Ordinances vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and we don’t know all of them.  Also, your police department or sheriff’s department can answer questions regarding state statutes.

I have a legal question.  Can I ask the prosecutor’s office?

No.  As prosecutors, we represent the State of Missouri and are advocates for crime victims.  We are not public attorneys to represent people in private matters.  For legal advice, you must contact a private attorney.  This applies to both civil and criminal matters.

I have a question about my case.  Who do I talk to?

Us!  While our attorneys are quite busy with their respective caseloads, we are committed to keeping our victim’s informed of what is happening.  Call us; we may not be able to take your call immediately, but we will take a message and the assigned attorney or their secretary will call you back depending on the kind of questions you may have.  You can also email us at and we will forward your email to the appropriate person to reply!

I received a traffic citation.  How can I get a recommendation?

Our office can make recommendations on traffic citations (i.e. a no point charge for a larger fine) but this can only be negotiated between our office and an attorney prior to the court hearing.

Who do I pay my fines to?

Fines for traffic citations or criminal charges are collected by the Circuit Clerk’s office.  We do not collect fine payments.

I received a ticket for no proof of insurance.  I had insurance when I got the ticket.  What do I do?

Have your insurance company fax us a Declaration Letter of your policy.  It must state the dates and vehicles insured on it, as well as have your name or the name of the vehicle owner.  Our fax number is (573)756-5192.

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