Vicki Weible – County Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk - Vicki Weible

The circuit clerk’s office is made up of the circuit clerk and approximately 19 deputy clerks. We are located in the original courthouse building with offices on each floor, consisting of three main divisions; civil, probate, and criminal. Our main function is to provide administrative support to the Circuit and Associate Circuit Judges of St. Francois County and visiting judges of the 24th Judicial Circuit, as well as assisting in the courtroom. All court proceedings begin in the clerk’s office and are maintained electronically. Court proceedings include but are not limited to misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, traffic, dissolutions of marriage, modifications, paternity, adult abuse, adoptions, abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquent, associate and circuit civil cases, probate matters, small claims, and garnishments. We are also responsible for summoning jurors and maintaining jury pools.

Clerks are happy to assist you and answer your questions, however are prohibited from giving legal advice.

The clerk’s office is also a passport agency. You may apply for a passport in our office any weekday before 4:00 p.m. excluding holidays. You may complete your application on line at

We look forward to meeting you and are proud to serve the citizens of St. Francois County

Contact Information

1 North Washington Street
Courthouse Building
Suite 102
Farmington, Missouri 63640

or 1-573-431-6505, Extension 4

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday


Filing Fees For St. Francois County-24th Judicial Circuit

Circuit Civil: $98.50
Domestic: $100.50
Motion To Modify: $100.50
Family Access Motion: $100.50
Adoption: $148.50
Associate Civil: $46.50
Small Claims: $23.50
Mechanic’S Lien: $5.00
Garnishment Clerk Fee: $10.00
Expungement – Circuit: $348.50
Decedent Estate: $146.50
Decedent Estate With Will: $181.50
Small Estate Affidavit: $66.50
Small Estate Affidavit With A Will: $101.50
Amended Small Estate: $35.00
Reopen An Estate: $43.00
Adult Guardian Ship/Conservatorship: $106.50
Minor Guardianship/Conservatorship: $91.50
Minor Guardian/Conservator Annual Fee: $25.00
Adult Guardian/Conservator Annual Fee: $30.00
Trusts: $76.50
Spousal Refusal Of Letters: $66.50
Creditor’S Refusal Of Letters: $66.50
Petition To Compel Administration: $66.50
Petition To Determine Heirship: $66.50
Will Deposit (Safekeeping): $3.00
Basic Traffic Costs: $74.50
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