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St. Francois County Commission

Presiding Commissioner: Harold Gallaher
District 1 Commissioner:  Gay Wilkinson
District 2 Commissioner:  Patrick Mullins

1 West Liberty Street

Annex Building

Suite 301

Farmington, Missouri 63640

Phone 1-573-756-3623

or 1-573-431-6505, Extension 6

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Email: Use contact form below

Established by Missouri Statute, there are three commissioners in St. Francois County. All county business, including financial, road operations, budgeting, security and courthouse management, must go through the Commission. The Commission office is open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Public commission meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 10 am.


Commission Announcements

Latest announcements from the County Commission.

Changes to our payroll system

By Dan Duncan | July 31, 2018

St. Francois became a County in late 1821.  At that time employees received a wage of about $10 per week.  There were no deductions as income taxes would not come for another 92 years.  There was no health insurance or other items that would reduce their pay.  In short, the Treasurer simply handed you an envelope with your $10/week (cash) enclosed on payday and that was it! Over the years the onset of income taxes, added health insurance benefits, increased retirement deductions, social security deductions and so many other adjustments greatly complicated the calculations of the final paycheck amount.  However, our system of paying on payday for all wages earned until that same day continued.  All calculations and check printing were done in that one day! Also, it became the norm over those two centuries that we would prepay through any holidays or weekends that may fall around the 15th or 30th of each month.  This assumed no changes in the planned schedules of our many people and also meant the County would pay everyone on December 23 for the rest of the month.  There would be no more paychecks until January 15th.  This was a very long time without…


Commission Update – May 2018

By Site Admin | June 1, 2018

In 1851 our St. Francois County jail was a log structure. A man did not like our jail and decided to burn it down! He apparently had only one available brain cell and it did not alert him to the simple fact that setting a building on fire, that was designed to be difficult to escape, WHILE HE WAS LOCKED-UP IN THE JAIL might not be advantageous to his health. History says the man “nearly perished in the flames”. One cannot help but wonder if the jailers were standing outside pondering if they should open the door for him. After all, he had just burned down their only jail. Where would they put him if they did decide to save his life? In any event, the Presiding Commissioner at that time was tasked with the immediate job of building a replacement jail. St. Francois County’s first stone jail building was the result. That was the last time until recent history that a Commission was required to make emergency building changes. In 2015 we were suddenly presented with the need for TWO building programs at the same time. The old Road & Bridge facility on Maple Street in Farmington had reached…


Commission Update – March 2018

By Site Admin | March 31, 2018

The work on the County’s new WEBER ROAD FACILITY (WRF) is progressing nicely. We were blessed with the donation of this wonderful building by BJC/Parkland Health Center in early 2017. Tenants in the building at present are Missouri Circuit District 24 Public Defenders, St. Francois County Community Partnership, Drug Court, Juvenile Center offices and our Morgue. The District 24 attorneys represent the 6 Counties of Iron, Madison, Washington, Reynolds, Ste. Genevieve and St. Francois Counties. These Counties are required to supply office space for the Public Defenders on a per-capita basis. Therefore, as landlords, we receive rent money from the other five counties and we save the money we would have spent on rental. Our new Morgue is located in the back half of the rear wing. Never before has St. Francois County had a morgue. This service is provided by a private business that performs autopsies for our and another 19 Missouri Counties. We lease space to this private business with payment made on a per-autopsy basis. The SFC Community Partnership pays rent to our County on a monthly basis. Their offices also house Edu-care and St. Francois County Industrial Development offices. We are now in negotiations with the…


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