Changes to our payroll system

St. Francois became a County in late 1821.  At that time employees received a wage of about $10 per week.  There were no deductions as income taxes would not come for another 92 years.  There was no health insurance or other items that would reduce their pay.  In short, the Treasurer simply handed you an…

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Commission Update – May 2018

In 1851 our St. Francois County jail was a log structure. A man did not like our jail and decided to burn it down! He apparently had only one available brain cell and it did not alert him to the simple fact that setting a building on fire, that was designed to be difficult to…

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Commission Update – March 2018

The work on the County’s new WEBER ROAD FACILITY (WRF) is progressing nicely. We were blessed with the donation of this wonderful building by BJC/Parkland Health Center in early 2017. Tenants in the building at present are Missouri Circuit District 24 Public Defenders, St. Francois County Community Partnership, Drug Court, Juvenile Center offices and our…

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