Saint Francois County Commission

Presiding    Harold Gallaher

District 1    Gay Wilkinson


  District 2    Patrick Mullins 


1 West Liberty Street

Annex Building

Suite 301

Farmington, Missouri 63640


Phone 1-573-756-3623

or 1-573-431-6505 extension 6

Established by Missouri Statute, there are three commissioners in St. Francois County. All county business, including financial, road operations, budgeting, security and courthouse management, must go through the Commission. The Commission office is open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Public commission meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 10 am.

Commission update

The move of the Road & Bridge Department to the new SOUTH BARN located on Woodlawn Drive West of Farmington is nearing completion.

The old location on Maple Street was battle-worn and unsafe.  When the R&B Department was first located there over 60 years ago, the area was rural with very low traffic flow on that road.  Now it is a bustling area with 2 day-care facilities next door, heavy traffic and surrounded by commercial properties.

Our daily movement of dump trucks, large trailers, and heavy equipment only added to the congestion and unsafe conditions of that area.  Also, the building was nearing the end of its useful life.  Major repairs would soon be needed if we remained at that location.

For the 3 previous years, money had been added to the budget for the eventual purchase of another location.  That site was finally found next door to the sale barn on Woodlawn Drive.  Existing buildings made the choice a simple one and we were able to purchase the property without added debt to the County due to this previous budgetary planning.

Those buildings have been updated with plumbing, electricity, insulation, etc. and are now extremely functional for us.  The old location had one desk that was used by 4 people (those people literally sat around that one desk)!  Now we have enough office space that everyone in the office can have their own desk.  We have better parts storage areas and better lighting for the work areas.

An example of the problems that were encountered in the old location is interior truck storage space.  When bad weather is about to hit, the crew prepares as many trucks with salt and sand as possible in order to get a quick start for the long night ahead.  However, the trucks must be stored in a heated area or the load will freeze in the dump bed and become unusable.  

We could only put 2 trucks inside at the old barn.  Now 2 or 3 times that many can be prepared and ready when the storm hits.  We can also get the trucks inside to melt the accumulated ice during a storm and then get them back into service quickly.

A fuel depot has been added to the South Barn location.  Now we can fuel several trucks at the same time without a long line of waiting drivers.  Also, a stand-by generator is available for power outages.  Previously, we could not pump fuel into our equipment it there was no electricity.  This fuel depot has a computerized monitoring system that records how much fuel goes into which truck or equipment and which operator pumps it.

The new location is more efficient, safe, and secure.  The citizens of St. Francois County are well served in our move.

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